Faith is Our Anchor

God Bless the Saints of the Most High,

As God has blessed us to see another week begin, let's not waste time watching over things that we've already put into God's hand. I've often heard people say, "A watched pot never boils," but the truth is that it will boil in the same amount of time whether you're watching it or not. The wisdom of the statement is in the fact that you can easily frustrate yourself by trying to rush a process that already has an appointed course. Additionally, the time you spend watching could be put to more productive use. When you pray about a situation, it is imperative to the positive outcome of your prayer that you BELIEVE God begins a process of change regarding your request. Heb11:6, James 1:6&7 and I John 14&15 all speak to the role that faith plays in our prayer lives. "Standing over God's shoulder" will NOT rush the process. This only makes room for doubt and frustration. Instead, trust that God has already appointed the time of fruition for the process and according to Gal. 6:9, we shall reap IF we faint not. Knowing this frees you to move forward to more productive uses of the most precious non-renewable resource we have: time. God has heard your prayer, begun the process of change and will bring you to an expected end.

Now you are free to focus on what else you can do to move forward toward your Jesus' name.

Supt. Neal L Generette